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We want your satisfaction and if you decide to change your mind about your purchase or are not satisfied, we offer you 10 calendar days after delivery to return the items or receiving a full refund of the amount paid. We recommend that you keep the original packaging during this period of time so that you can deliver your items within it if necessary.

We do not accept returns of items:
  • That show damage due to improper handling or use
  • That they have been personalized (engraved, decorated, with personal keys, etc.).

How to return an Item purchased at quebonito.com.mx?


Clarification of orders

In case you notice that parts are missing or have factory imperfects, you should contact us within a period of no more than 48 hours after receiving your order through the parcel, the channels through which you can contact us are via WhatsApp (443 317 5178) or our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/quebonito.com.mx where you indicate the following:

  • Order number:
  • Number of pieces, specifying model and color. If it includes a lid, you must specify the number of pieces, model and color in the same way.
  • Send Photographs of your order according to your purchase showing the boxes inside and outside the package that was delivered by the parcel, the photograph must be of good quality to be able to view in detail.

Once the information is received, we will contact the person who made the report to follow up on the case.

If you exceed the period of 48 hours and do not report your order, you will not be able to replace the missing or imperfect parts of your purchase.



I want you to come for the article


 Verify that the order meets the deadline and conditions to return your item.

 Call our phone (443) 3175178 where your address and bank details will be taken to collect the product or write to us through our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/quebonito.com.mx where the data of your address and bank will be taken for the collection of the product and return of the money.

 Receive and print return form and collection guide via email (we will send you a FedEx, DHL or Estafeta collection guide) which you must stick to the item.

 In the same call or conversation you must indicate the date of the collection so that our executive can schedule the FedEx, DHL or Estafeta visit.

 It will not be possible to schedule collections at specific times, however anyone can deliver the merchandise


Another option that we also have is the delivery at the counter of the courier FedEx, DHL or Estafeta with the assigned guide.


Receive your refund


Once the item is returned to our facilities, you will receive the refund to the account or card that you have specified in the call or conversation that you have had with our executive. 


Custom designs


The purchase is made through the website www.quebonito.com.mx where "The buyer" will specify that he wants to personalize his box by selecting the number of inks and faces or he can also buy in the WhatsApp application where an advisor will make his quote. Once the quotation is approved, "The buyer" will have to make the deposit of his quotation to the bank details that will be provided to him by the chat of "How Beautiful".

In the case of having bought on the website www.quebonito.com.mx , "Qué Bonito" will contact the "buyer" to request the details of his purchase, design and other information that is appropriate. Also the "Buyer" can be contacted via email at design@quebonito.com.mx to send the following data;

Design preferably in curves (Illustrator) or PDF (If you do not have the design uploaded)

Name of who made the purchase:

  • Example: Linda Que Bonito

Order number: 

Example: # 0000

Box (Model, color and number of pieces):

  • Example: Mailbox # x # x # color White 50 pieces

* The color of the inks of your design may have some variations when printing it on the boxes, this due to their absorption and drying. Primary colors, black and white are excepted to variations. If the color of the ink in your design is not one of the primary colors, we will try to match it.

Number of inks and ink color:

  • Example: 2 inks (Red and Black).

Number of faces:

  • Example: 2 faces

And where you want them to put your logo (DESIGN):

  • Example: On the top cover and on the left side or send a photo of where you want to put the design.

In case of having bought via WhatsApp, “Qué Bonito” will be in contact via chat to inform the process that must be followed in order to request the “Buyer” customization.

Design proposal

Once the order of "The buyer" is confirmed, the design area "How beautiful" makes the design proposal to "The buyer" via email in PDF format, "the buyer" must approve or make the pertinent changes and that they respect the details of your purchase of custom boxes before starting the process of printing the design (logo or image). Once the design is approved by "The buyer", you will be notified of the estimated delivery time and NO CHANGES, CANCELLATIONS OR RETURNS OF YOUR PURCHASE WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Delivery time

The delivery time that is handled in custom orders delay of 15 to 30 business days depending on the complexity of the design to be printed.